Welcome to the Front Yard Nursery! Located in Placerville, Ca, we are the largest nursery in El Dorado County featuring
drought-tolerant, native, and unique plants and trees as well as solutions for pests & problems and an array of organic products.


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Drip Tubing
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Kids can help out too with our Melissa & Doug line of shovels, brooms, bug nets, and more!


May 14th is Mother’s Day! How about spring blooming plant, a rose, or a gift card?


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Seaweed Extract


  • Mow lawns, removing less than 1/3rd the height. See us for a lawn care handout.
  • Thin fruit set on fruit trees (leave 6” between the ones you want to ripen).  Prune for size control as needed.
  • Thin over-abundant seedlings in vegetable beds.
  • Fertilize container plants with time-release fertilizer or a slow release organic fertilizer.
  • Check and repair irrigation systems.

See more to do in your
garden in the Spring.


SEMINAR: Our famous “Drip Irrigation Made Simple”  May 20 & 22, June 17 & 19 (Sat & Mon), 9am – 11am. Learn to save water and time in your landscape and garden!

Seaweed Kelp Extract is excellent for all plants, provides micro nutrients, and works as a growth stimulant. It also helps fruit trees grow out over peach leaf curl and veggie plants excel. Try some this spring and summer!

Nursery Hours: 8:30-6:00 Daily

Front Yard Nursery, Inc.
5801 Mother Lode Drive, Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 626-3494

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