Welcome to the Front Yard Nursery! Located in Placerville, Ca, we are the largest nursery in El Dorado County featuring
drought-tolerant, native, and unique plants and trees as well as solutions for pests & problems and an array of organic products.


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20% off Plants 1 gal & Larger
BR List, Solar Globes, Growoya


FYN's 2017 Bare Root List is ready!

Solar Gazing globes - in a variety of colors.We also have solar accent lighting to light your garden at night.

New hours: 8:30-5:30

- An ancient way to water your garden. Bury the giant bulb (with spout out) and fill to keep your crops watered.

To Do in Your Garden
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Product of the Month
in September
FREE Seminars & Events
  • Divide and plant perennials.  Add bone meal or starter fertilizer and compost to the soil before replanting.
  • Prune old berry vines to the ground when they finish fruiting. Train up new canes.
  • Now is the time to control your Poa Annua (Annual  Bluegrass) and other weeds. Apply a pre-emergent. See us for organic or synthetic solutions.
  • Fertilize fruit trees with 16-16-16, or G&B Organic Fruit  Tree fertilizer before leaf drop (early fall  growth will have time to harden off before it gets cold). Visit us for  our free fertilizer handout.


See more to do in your
garden in the Fall.

-Sept. 12 – Oct.3:  20% OFF SALE!  All plants in  stock, 1 gallon or larger (does not include special orders or items  already discounted). AND Buy 3, get 1 FREE on 3cf bales of Soil Building  Conditioner (SBC)


-Sept. 17 (Sat.) & 19 (Mon.): FALL VEGGIE GARDENING SEMINAR Planting, watering, fertilizing, protection from the cold, and, of course harvesting!  9am – 11.


- Oct. 9: Pumpkin & Squash Contest, Fall Festival & Baking Contest! 


-Oct. 20 (Thurs.) thru Oct. 24 (Mon.):  WHOLESALE  WEEKEND.


Have you been finding a brown, sunken area on the ends of your tomatoes, squash, or peppers? Your veggies have blossom end rot. Rot-Stop can help. We have it in concrentrate and ready-to-use.

Nursery Hours: 8:30-5:30 Daily

Front Yard Nursery, Inc.
5801 Mother Lode Drive, Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 626-3494

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