Welcome to the Front Yard Nursery! Located in Placerville, Ca, we are the largest nursery in El Dorado County featuring
drought-tolerant, native, and unique plants and trees as well as solutions for pests & problems and an array of organic products.


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Fish Bone Meal
  • Apply third and final dormant spray on fruit trees (just before bud break) – this is the most important of the three sprays.

  • Fertilize annuals and perennials with a low nitrogen starter fertilizer or rose & flower food.lilac

  • Spread wood ashes lightly around lilacs to benefit growth and aid blooming.

  • Prune roses and fruit trees as needed.

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garden in the Winter.

Seminar “BEES: Attracting and Helping These Beneficial Insects"- March 7 & 9 at 10:00 am. Learn how to build an oasis to attract bees to your landscape and which bee-friendly products to use in your garden. AND: "Lawn Substitutes" - Learn great ideas for a more drought tolerant, easy-care, and attractive site. How to convert your irrigation from lawn watering to landscape.


Seminar: “Veggie Gardening Basics: Getting Started” March 21 and March 23 at 10:00 am. This seminar will cover the basics of starting your veggie garden, including choosing a suitable site, raised beds vs. in-ground, soil prep, critter protection, irrigation, and what you should do at the initial planting, including choosing crops and fertilizing.


Fish bone meal
Fish bone meal is our product of the month for January with all of the bare root planting happening! Fish bone meal provides a natural source of phosphorus, something that our county's soil typically lacks. Adding fish bone meal to your hole while you plant your bare root trees and shrubs will give them just what they need. We offer it in a variety of sizes (including 1 lb bags).


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